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This is a complete listing of all my current courses.

If you can't see anything that you like please contact me, as I maybe able to source what you need or even customise a course to suit you.

Create Your Own Website –
6 Week Evening Class

Web interface for make your own website course

This hands-on 6-week evening class of 2 ½ hours per week is aimed at non-technical people who want to learn the skills needed to create, customise and operate your own website.

Make your own website using the renowned WordPress platform you will plan and build your website to a near completion stage ready to launch while learning key skills in web design and development.

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Google Analytics Fundmentals

Google Analytics Logo

My Google Analytics Introduction Training Course is aimed at people who need to get a good general understanding of what Google Analytics does, what it can do and how their existing website is performing.

You’ll learn how to profile your web audience, what web content they like, what activites drive conversions and how your traffic gets to you as well as other invaluable insights.

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SEO Fundamentals

SEO course icon

This SEO introduction training course is aimed at non technical people with little or no prior knowldge of SEO but needing a good general understanding and how to get the best results from it.

For many, learning how to build search engine friendly web pages and optimising your web site for SEO results is a must.

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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

GA Dashboard showing acquisitions for digital marketing fundmentals course

This course will give you a broad range of knowledge, skills and understanding about the key principals of digital marketing and how to use them within your organisation.

You will work towards defining a digital marketing plan for your business by following a strategic marketing process. Based on the knowledge you gain about the opportunities, risks and pitfalls of many of the key digital channels available to you you will be able to create a detailed plan of action.

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CSS fundamentals

CSS coding logo

This CSS course is designed for those with no previous coding or programming experience who need a comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

My CSS course forms the fundamental building blocks for other CSS and Web Design courses that require a great base knowledge of CSS to build on from. It is particularly useful for those starting out in web development and design, responsive web and application development.

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Linkedin for business

Using social media to reach and engage your customers should be an integrated part of your business. It’s very cost effective and it works.

This hands on 1 day course is aimed at non technical users who need to get a grip of using Linkedin quickly.

Linked-in is the number one social media choice for business to business online marketing, sales and engagement. You will explore Linked-in in detail, learn how to build a great personal profile and/or business page for your company and you’ll learn how to connect with others.

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Google Analytics Implementation

Google Analytics Logo

This course is for those who wish to become Google Analytics technical implementors and/or system admins and those with the responsibility for the setup and maintenance of Google Analytics.

This hands-on course overs the technical set up and configuration of Google Analytics and more of its customisation and custom data-gathering capabilities.

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Google Analytics Advanced

Google Analytics Logo

Do you want to take your knowledge of Google Analytics higher and learn how to make the most detailed and insightful reports you can?

Would you like to take on a deeper understanding of Google Analytics’s key features and many of it’s bespoke and custom set up options?

If so this hands-on, 1 day, course is aimed at non-technical users who would like to take an existing knowledge of Google Analytics and their websites to the next level.

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