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Commercial Web Services

If you'd rather not do things yourself and would like to hire a professional, I offer a range of commercial services from web design, to hosting, SEO and online marketing.

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Training Courses

I have a range of fantastic off the shelf training courses many of which you can buy directly in the shop and I offer custom and bespoke training too.

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Helpful Blog

I hope you might find some of my blog posts interesting and the how-to articles may give you the answers and solutions you're looking for.

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Who am I?

Simon Pointer: Director

I am Simon Pointer...

I learned to code when there really wasn't anyone around to teach you or help you. I had one of those huge thick books on HTML and had to work out what a web server was for myself.

I have been working on the web, and in online marketing and measuring for many years, and have developed a lot of digital experience that I hope may be useful to you.

In addition to my web development and online marketing, I have been a commercial trainer for over 17 years, so please check out my courses and key services. Have a look at my blog or "how-to" articles, where you might find a ready-made answer to your question.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to work with me or just need a sounding board - a call and some friendly advice will cost you nothing, and I will gladly discuss your needs at length or just give you a second opinion if that is what you need.

Featured Courses

Create Your Own Website –
6 Week Evening Class

Web interface for make your own website course

This hands-on 6-week evening class of 2 ½ hours per week is aimed at non-technical people who want to learn the skills needed to create, customise and operate your own website. Make your own website using the renowned WordPress platform you will plan and build your website to a near completion stage ready to launch while learning key skills in web design and development.

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Google Analytics Fundmentals

Google Analytics Logo

My Google Analytics Introduction Training Course is aimed at people who need to get a good general understanding of what Google Analytics does, what it can do and how their existing website is performing. You’ll learn how to profile your web audience, what web content they like, what activites drive conversions and how your traffic gets to you as well as other invaluable insights.

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SEO Fundamentals

SEO course icon

This SEO introduction training course is aimed at non technical people with little or no prior knowldge of SEO but needing a good general understanding and how to get the best results from it. For many, learning how to build search engine friendly web pages and optimising your web site for SEO results is a must.

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Featured How to Guides

How to find which WordPress template file is being used

Featured image for find which wordpress template file

Trying to get to grips with WordPress theme templates and template hierarchy is tricky enough, especially when you’re just starting out. What makes this more difficult is that it’s hard to know which template WordPress is currently using to display the content you are looking at on the screen. This quick little trick can help with that.

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From the BLOG

The Best Website Hosting Services

Photo of the best website hosting service

If you’ve got a website it will need to be hosted somewhere, and there is a bewildering choice of the best website hosting services to choose from. In this guide, I will tell you a bit about web hosting in general and how to get the best website hosting services for your company. What are Website Hosting Servers In short,…

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Changing DNS settings and Keeping control of your systems screenshot showing how to change the DNS records for a domain

In this guide to registering domain names and changing DNS, I’ll show you how to keep control of DNS related systems. I have worked with many people who sometimes lose control of their Domains and the associated DNS settings that are vital in delivering web services. Changing DNS Settings – Domain Name Control You control your domain name in several…

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What is a website Bounce Rate

Google Analytics audience stats for bounce rate

What is a website Bounce Rate and does it really matter? If not it might be a very dangerous metric to use. I train Google Analytics (GA) about twice a week, so meet 100’s of digital marketers and site owners and see 100’s of Websites and Google Analytics accounts. The one metric that everyone wants to know about is BOUNCE…

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