Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

You may have an existing Google Ads Account that has not been delivering results, or you might be ready to set up a new account and start working with Google Ads for the first time.

I am a qualified freelance Adwords professional and an AdWords trainer ready to help you with your ads. If you work with me I’ll also help you grow your own knowledge so that you are an integral part of your own success.

What is SEO

Google Adwords – now called Google Ads – is one of the most significant revenue drivers for Google and one of the key tools you should be considering in your online marketing strategy.

Typically known as PPC, or “pay per click” advertising, Adwords allows you to set up and configure a Search, Display, Shopping, Video or App promotions ads that can run in Google search results or in its search and display advertising partner web sites

There are a range of ad formats to choose from and each type has it’s own display drivers ranging from keyword bidding to Audience match parameters. When done well It can drive relevant, valid hi converting traffic to your websites, online stores and/or applications.

How can I help you

  • I will work to your brief and budget throughout no matter the simplicity or complexity of it.
  • I can provide regular (and understandable) reports for you.
  • You will have full access to your own account/s and to see everything I do in a totally transparent way.
  • I bill for my time – which I will agree with you in advance.
  • I can offer a maintenance schedule to keep your campaigns running smoothly.
  • I have skills in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to ensure that tracking and measuring are perfect too.

Next Steps

If you’re just curious about what Google Ads has to offer or you’d like to have a chat to see if I can help get your Adwords account driving more traffic, inquiries and conversions then why not get in touch?

If you’d rather learn how to do it all yourself, then why not consider one of our hands-on training courses.