Subscriber and preference managament

At I want to keep in touch with you and provide some useful content, information and offers to my website users and followers. But, I also believe that you have the right and ability to control exactly what you’d like to get and can decide how (if at all) that happens for you.

I use several tools and methods for my marketing and you can find out more about what I do with the information you give me on my privacy policy page.

On this page, you can change a number of the settings and subscriptions options and I have provided instructions for changing other preferences and settings so that you stay in full control.

Cookie Preferences

I use a nice simple system called Metomic to help you manage the cookies that this site sets and uses. You can change the settings here:

Cookie Settings

Email Marketing Preferences

I use Mailchimp for managing and sending emails to you.

This might include content I think you might be interested in, offers or new features. I have tried to give you some useful options for the different kinds of emails I might send so that you can select the preferences you’re most interested in.

Change your preferences

If you want to stay on our email list but change your preferences you can use this form:

Your Details


We Use Mailchimp to send you only things you are interested in. See our privacy policy or go to email preferences to manage this service.

Your Preferences

Please Note: You need to use the subscribed email address to update your preferences

Unsubscribe to all marketing email from me

If you’d like to remove yourself completely from the email system please use this form:


Web Push Settings

Web push notifications are messages and/or updates that you can opt-in to receiving to notify you of new and updated content.

On I use Onesignal web push to send you messages and updates about new content, courses, blog articles and features.

These notifications can be sent directly to your browser and/or your mobile device without installing an app and without being on a webpage.

If you have signed up you will have seen a notification message that looks a little like this (depending on the browser):

One signal web push notification

If you choose to subscribe you’ll be taken to another prompt where you need to add to your allowed notifications list in your browser which looks like this:

Firefox accept onesignal push notifcation

If you’d like to unsubscribe to web push (or if you do want to subscribe but the message never appeared) you can do so directly in your browsers settings. For full instructions go to or follow these helpful links:

Chrome: chrome://settings/content/notifications then then block or allow

Firefox: about:preferences#privacy then choose notifications under the permissions heading

Safari: doesn’t provide an option to unsubscribe from within a notification so must be done in Safari’s Preferences.

  1. Open Safari. Click Safari > Preferences
  2. Under the Websites tab, click Notifications
  3. Identify the site you want to unsubscribe from, and change Allow to Deny