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This is a complete listing of all my current courses.

If you can't see anything that you like please contact me, as I maybe able to source what you need or even customise a course to suit you.

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Training Course

Do you want to take learn more about Google Tag Manager (GTM), what it can do to enhance your google analytics site tracking and what it can do to help you tag and integrate other third-party systems with your website?

If so this hands-on, 1 day, introductory course is aimed at users with a little technical web know-how who would like to get a well-rounded understanding of Google Tag Manager, how it is set up and configured and how to deploy key tags within it.

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HTML Fundamentals

HTML fundamentals and advanced training course logo

This short HTML course is designed for those with no previous coding or programming experience who need a comprehensive grasp of the fundamentals of HTML.

My HTML course forms the fundamental building blocks for many of my other courses that require a base knowledge of HTML to build on from. It is particularly useful for those starting out in web development, in content management, SEO or email marketing.

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Google Adwords Advanced

Google Ads or Adwords Logo

Do you want to take your knowledge of Google Adwords to a higher level and learn to manage your account (or other peoples) like a professional.

This hands on course is aimed at existing Adwords users who have grasped the basics and who now need to get a more thorough understanding of working Adwords, how to get the best results from it and how to drive higher powered results and value.

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Google Analytics Fundmentals

Google Analytics Logo

My Google Analytics Introduction Training Course is aimed at people who need to get a good general understanding of what Google Analytics does, what it can do and how their existing website is performing.

You’ll learn how to profile your web audience, what web content they like, what activites drive conversions and how your traffic gets to you as well as other invaluable insights.

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SEO Fundamentals

SEO course icon

This SEO introduction training course is aimed at non technical people with little or no prior knowldge of SEO but needing a good general understanding and how to get the best results from it.

For many, learning how to build search engine friendly web pages and optimising your web site for SEO results is a must.

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SEO Advanced

SEO course icon

This Advanced SEO training course is aimed at people with some existing SEO skill but looking to take their knowledge and websites to the next level.

You’ll learn a range of the most up to date techniques, tools and methods across a range of areas as well as how to analyse and assess your SEO performance.

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