Web Hosting

You may have an existing Google Ads Account that has not been working as well as you think it should be, or you might be ready to set up a new account and start working with Google Ads for the first time.

What is Hosting

Google Adwords – now called Google Ads – is one of the most significant revenue drivers for Google and one of the key tools you should be considering in your online marketing strategy.

This tool allows you to set up and configure a range of paid search engine adverts that can run both in Google search results as well as in its search and display advertising partner web sites.

Typically known as PPC, or “pay per click” advertising it has a somewhat unique stand in the advertising tools world in that you typically only pay when your ads are clicked by users, but here in lies some of the problems you might face using it.

You need to be able to understand what different kinds of Ads you might be able to make with it – there are 5; Search, Display, Shopping/Product, Video or App promotions and how to create effective campaigns that will drive relevant and valid traffic to your websites, online stores and/or applications.

You’ll also need to know what triggers these ads to show and how to effectively bid and budget for them as well as how to fall within the relevant boundaries of Googles Quality checking systems like Quality Score.

Hosting options and packages

I have a number of hosting options and packages available to suit you:

Commercial Web Services

If you’d rather not do things yourself and would like to hire a professional, I offer a range of commercial services from web design, to hosting, SEO and online marketing.

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Training Courses

I have a range of fantastic off the shelf training courses many of which you can buy directly in the shop and I offer custom and bespoke training too.

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Helpful Blog

I hope you might find some of my blog posts interesting and the how-to articles may give you the answers and solutions you’re looking for.

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Next Steps

If you’re just curious about what Google Ads has to offer or you’d like to have a chat to see if we can help get your Adwords account driving more traffic, inquiries and conversions then why not get in touch?

If you’d rather learn how to do it all yourself, then why not consider one of our hands-on training courses.