The Recruitment Team

At we feel we have a great and unique combination of people to help you with your recruitment needs.

We try to combine a strong set of creative, design and technical skills with the recruitment function and feel we can add true value to your organisation with our ability to find great people for you.

Hilary Underwood - Director Recruitment

I started my career in recruitment back in 1995. Things were very different then. No job boards, no online candidate registration, no LinkedIn. We just used good old pen and paper and a phone!

My career started with Reed Employment who I have to say were a fantastic company to work for. The training was a one-week residential course in the Cotswolds and they taught me the whole 360 process of recruitment and I gained my Certificate in Recruitment Practice. (more…)

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Simon Pointer - Director

I am qualified in management and marketing and started my career in traditional marketing communications. That was before companies had web pages when Mark Zuckerberg was still in little league and didn’t even know what a computer was, and you were considered technically brilliant if you knew how to send an email.

I have worked in the digital space since 1996, (which in online terms is forever). In that time I have continued to evolve and blend my skills and knowledge as a specialist in web design and development and where needed have been lucky enough to fall back on my marketing roots in areas like social media and online advertising. (more…)

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