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Technology and browser settings.

Our site is standards compliant, fully accessible and built with XHTML and CSS and we recommend you view it with a standards compliant browser such as:

You can of course use any browser you wish including a handheld or wireless devise and any assistive technology you need to use. I am confident that our site will work perfectly well, although it may not look as good in older technologies, and non compliant devices.

We have minimised the use of Javascripts and other client side scripting so that users who are not Javascript enabled do not have usability or access issues. Where scripts are in place, we have deployed the no script tag to give access to alternative content or functionality.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies in a responsible manner to help you have an efficient, user friendly experience. Cookies enable us to recognise you next time you visit, and link your visits with any information you have given us. We never store personal data of any kind in a cookie, and will not share cookies or cookie information with anyone.

Deleting cookies on your machine

You can delete any cookies stored on your computer in a number of ways:

Manually deleting cookies

You can manually delete any cookies on your computer by navigating to the folder where they are stored, selecting the cookies you want to delete and then doing so. If you are a windows user you can do this using "windows explorer", and you will typically find the cookies in a folder called "cookies" which you will find in your named user folder which is inside the main "documents and settings" folder like this:

cookies folder in windows

Using utilities software

You can also delete cookies using utilities software like Norton Systemworks. This is easier and more controllable as it allows you to decide which specific cookies you would like to delete and backs up your changes so you can roll back if you make a mistake.

Controlling your cookies

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, most are pretty tasty, but some are just horrid! In the main there are 2 types first party and third party. First party cookies are placed on your hard drive by the site you are visiting, and Third party cookies are, as the name suggests, placed by someone else's server, often an ad server or tracking tool.

You can easily configure your browser to control the cookies that you allow to be stored on your machine, and you can ban third party cookies and cookies from specific sites if you like. We recommend that you accept first party cookies, but flag or block third parties.

I have compiled some simple instructions to help you set this up, follow the relevant link for the browser you have: