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I have been training clients on an independent basis and for dedicated media training companies since 2003, and I am able to offer the following comprehensive list of training courses on a direct and independent basis:

Public training courses

I get a lot of enquiries from members of the general public who want to do some training in a slower non pro environment. I have set up a "general public" training program, offering courses on evenings and weekends especially for you. Please see my general public training section for more information.

Set training courses

  • Building Accessible Websites - 2 day (hands on for designers and developers)
  • Conforming to Accessibility Guidelines - 1 day (for web managers)
  • Adobe Contribute Intro - 1 day
  • CSS: All levels and versions
  • Designing and Creating a Website - 2 days
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Using Spry - 1 day (for experienced DW users)
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Introduction - 3 days
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: Advanced (for Designers - experienced in DW)
  • Adobe Fireworks: Fast Track - 1 and 2 day options
  • Generate New Business with an Effective Web Strategy - 1 day
  • Google Analytics: An Introduction - 1 day
  • HTML 4 and (X)HTML: All levels - various days
  • HTML5 and CSS3: Introduction - 2 days
  • Improving Web Usability - 1 day
  • Managing a Web Team - 2 days
  • Adobe Photoshop: for the Web - 1 day
  • Adobe Photoshop: Introduction - 2 days
  • Search Engine Optimisation - 1 day
  • Designing and building HTML Emails - 1 day (for experienced HTML or DW designers)
  • HTML Email marketing - 1 day (for marketeers)
  • Social Media: An Introduction for Businesses - 1 day
  • Web Design Masterclass - 2 days
  • Web Project Management - 2 days
  • Web Publishing: Introduction - 2 days
  • Intro to WordPress for business - 1 day
  • Writing for the Web - 1 day

Prices are shown on the course details pages, please follow the links above to find out more.

Custom training

Custom training suits many individuals and organisations, as you get exactly what you want, when you want it. I generally charge for my time (see my rates) rather than a delegate rate, so custom training will definitely give those looking to train a number of people much better value.

I usually try to come to you for taylor ed courses, but can also provide facilities and catering if required (see below), and I am happy to taylor any of my courses to suit your needs. Have a look through my course outlines and cherry pick the areas you are interested in, then contact me, to discuss rates, times and options.

Course arrangements and facilities

I try to teach a lot of courses myself, but I am not super human, and can't know everything, so from time to time I will have to substitute another equally well qualified trainer to take your course. In this event I am happy to discuss and supply details of the trainer with you, and can arrange a meeting if required.

Many of my courses are run on site at your premises which I prefer to do, but I have a number of dedicated venues with first class training facilities in London and the South East, and I am happy to arrange something in other locations as per your requirements.

For courses not taking place on your premises I will organise a great lunch and refreshments throughout the day, and all students will be issued with either an accompanying course book or custom course notes as appropriate.


I am not offering pre arranged booking dates or on-line bookings at the moment, as I like to try to fit people around courses and courses around people. Please use my booking form to let me know what course you are interested in, and I will let you you know what dates I have coming up and any options available.