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Web project management

Keeping a handle on all areas of a web project can be tricky even for well qualified project managers. I have had years of experience working on a large variety of web projects, and can often second guess where they are likely to go wrong. I understand all the technology as well as the design and business issues and find I am able to bring coordination and understanding to web projects that remove late and over budget delivery. Why not contact me to see if I can run your web project for you?

Agency selection

Over the years in both marketing and web I have been responsible for recruiting 3rd party partners either in the creative fields or technical and in both for some projects. Many organisations seem to find this difficult, and are often not too sure how to go about it, where to look or how to assess a partners skills and abilities. I have proven methods and process for partner selection and verification, and I know what to look for too, so why not contact me to see if I can help you find the best agencies for your project?

Staff recruitment

Selecting good staff in the area of web is fairly similar to selecting partners, and many organisations seem to find it difficult to understand the skills sets required for their business, find it hard to assess skills and abilities, and usually feel uncomfortable recruiting people with high tech or specialist skills.

I can help you define roles within projects and your organisation, make sure that relevant hard and soft skill sets are realistic and achievable, and ensure that accurate job descriptions get you great people with all the right skills you need. Why not contact me to see if I can help you find the best people and skills for your business.

Project size

I am happy to help you manage your project regardless of its size and have worked on simple site projects and those costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds. The larger the project the more in demand my skills are as this tends to require greater coordination with more people with a greater range of skills.

Project method, planning and documentation

The sad reality seems that most clients projects fail before they have begun for one simple reason. Not enough time or thought given to the project with a simple lack of basic planning. You must really work out what you want to do in business terms, and then meticulously plan your project. Good web projects fall out of good business and online strategies.

It's important to make sure you document the project, specify all your requirements and instructions, log and analyse the key data and information to make sure you can communicate accurately, manage your project smoothly, and have a reference against which to bench mark your projects progress.

I have well trodden project processes with all the supporting documents and templates that might be required to run a successful web project. So why not contact me to see if I can run your project for you, or train you in how to run it for yourself.

Site testing

Depending on the size and complexity of your project there are a number of testing phases that could be used to ensure that your web project hits the mark. What's more important is knowing when to do each one, and all too often I see clients doing testing when it's too late to use the testing results for anything meaningful.

I can help you with testing either existing sites or testing during a project. I can run and organise anything from technical testing to usability testing, and of course my real passion - accessibility testing. I can also run user groups and user research during the plan phase of your project, why not contact me to see if I can help you in this area.