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About me

Wow, it's quite hard writing about yourself you know, especially as it's really not in my nature! Still, I suppose if you are going to sell yourself you have to be a bit like that.

I come from a marketing communications background where understanding people and what makes them tick is the key, and not surprisingly I consider my on-line work to be exactly the same.

Hobbies and interests


I have been riding bikes for many years, and I have also spent some time working in the industry as a marketing manager for Yamaha. I currently ride a 1000cc growling v-twin Aprilia . She's a bit naughty with some loud exhausts, but she does make a lovely noise, and I have fitted some neat electronics so that I can listen to music and answer my phone on the move.


I have been playing the wonderful game since I was 7 and, and currently play off 6. I am a member of Pyrford golf club in surrey, which is a great course, with a lot of water in play, and I'd love to take you round it and talk about your project with you - it is a deduct able expense after all!

Winter sports

It's such a shame we don't have any snowy mountains here! I have been skiing since I was 12 and have also learned to snow board, although if pushed I'd claim to be a skier rather than a boarder - sorry boarders! Still, at least I've had a go at both!

I have skied all over Europe and many times in Canada, where Whistler is a favourite. I'd like to do a tour of all the little resorts in the Canadian Rockies, I have yet to Heliski as last time I was about to go I broke a bone in my hand the day before. I'd like to try skiing in some far flung place where no one else goes like Argentina or perhaps right up in the Yukon or Alaska.